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  • Let us raise a tough question. Is it enough to master technical skills for becoming employable? The answer is a big NO.
  • Employable stack goes beyond technical skills alone. It encompasses a broader skill set that includes problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration abilities. 
  • Employers value candidates who can not only write code or operate tools but also analyse complex problems, propose effective solutions, communicate ideas clearly, and work effectively in teams. 
  • Therefore, individuals aiming to build an employable stack should also focus on developing these essential soft skills that are highly valued in the workplace.
  • This is where Bhrighu will be a differentiator. The program architecture will be such that learners get a chance to developing a well-rounded employable stack, can position themselves as ‘industry-ready’ candidates and with Bhrighu’s ‘certified hire’ stamp can increase their chances of securing rewarding employment opportunities.