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  • Bhrighu strongly believes in a hybrid form of learning that has minimal human intervention.  
  • To showcase our customer centricity we work hard to ensure that we address the learning requirements of each individual learner.  
  • To be able to reach at the lowest common denominator we leverage our tech platform and our competency mapping framework that we have designed and developed in-house.
  • Our technology platform serves as a key differentiator in our data science training program, enabling an immersive and effective learning experience for our students. 
  • Built with cutting-edge technologies and designed with pedagogical excellence in mind, our platform offers several distinctive features that set us apart.
  • We believe strongly that you cannot chalk out a learning path for a learner unless you know where they precisely are.  
  • The 3 important questions that our tech platform answers is 
    • Where am I now?
    • Where do I want to go?
    • How can I get there? 
  • Our tech platform has the capability to assess each learner across different competencies like knowledge, mind-set, behaviour & citizenship.  
  • Our tech platform is designed with a single minded end game – focus on supporting the learner.
  • Bhrighu leverages the tech platform as a navigator for learners.  
  • The navigator serves as an integrated learning exchange [NILE] akin to a GPS for learning for the whole eco-system.
  • Additionally our tech platform provides a comprehensive and interactive learning environment. 
  • It offers a seamless integration of instructional materials, coding environments, and project management tools. 
  • Students can access a rich library of resources, including video lectures, tutorials, and interactive exercises, which are structured to provide a progressive learning experience. They can also engage in hands-on coding practice directly within the platform, with built-in coding editors and instant feedback mechanisms that foster active learning and skill development.
  • One of the key strengths of our platform is its extensive collection of real-world datasets. 
  • These datasets, sourced from various industries and domains, allow students to work with authentic data and tackle practical challenges. 
  • The platform provides tools for data exploration, cleaning, and visualization, empowering students to apply data science techniques in a realistic context. 
  • This hands-on experience with diverse datasets enhances their ability to handle complex data scenarios encountered in real-world projects.
  • Last but not the least.  Our platform promotes collaborative learning and teamwork. It facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among students, instructors, and mentors through integrated discussion forums, chat functionalities, and project collaboration spaces. 
  • This collaborative environment encourages knowledge sharing, peer learning, and the development of crucial teamwork and communication skills—essential for success in data science projects.
  • The platform also incorporates gamification elements to enhance student engagement and motivation. 
  • Through interactive quizzes, challenges, and leader boards, students can track their progress, compete with peers, and earn badges or rewards for their achievements. This gamified approach adds an element of fun and healthy competition, further motivating students to excel in their data science journey.
  • Moreover, our platform offers robust project management features. It enables students to access and manage project assignments, track their progress, and submit deliverables seamlessly. Instructors and mentors can provide timely feedback, review code, and monitor project milestones, ensuring students receive valuable guidance and support throughout their project-based learning experience.