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enterprise solution
What is Enterprise Solution initiative at Bhrighu?
  • Bhrighu Academy of E-Learning partners with your organisation to design and deliver bespoke learning solutions that address your unique business challenges and meet your strategic business objectives.  Our learning solutions are designed to suit developmental needs of both individuals and teams on an ongoing basis, and are based on a deep understanding of the enterprises’ context and their teams’ competencies and potential.
  • We offer advanced capabilities in conducting programmes through a variety of formats including live virtual, on-campus / on-site, online asynchronous, and elaborately blended formats that provide learning experiences best suited to your organisation.
What kind of solutions will Bhrighu offer?
  • Bhrighu offers both certificates and certification.   Navigating the world of data certificates and certification programs can be overwhelming, from understanding the requirements to recognizing the value that each may provide. We’ll help you understand the basics so you can make the right decisions.
certification versus certificate
  • A certificate program is also known as a learning-based certificate. This is an educational offering, where the curriculum is generally set by the organization offering the program. You will receive a certificate upon the completion of learning, which may be linked to attendance or online course participation, and sometimes includes a low-stakes assessment that measures the course learning objectives. 
  • Certifications, unlike certificates, will expire. You must renew your certification after a certain period of time to keep it active. This is because a certification, awarded by an objective third party, validates that you’ve met the stated knowledge and skill level. This knowledge and skill level must be maintained in order for you to continue claiming the active certification status.

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