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enterprise solution
What is Enterprise Solution initiative at Bhrighu?

Bhrighu Academy of E-Learning partners with your organisation to design and deliver bespoke learning solutions that address your unique business challenges and meet your strategic business objectives.  Our learning solutions are designed to suit developmental needs of both individuals and teams on an ongoing basis, and are based on a deep understanding of the enterprises’ context and their teams’ competencies and potential.

We offer advanced capabilities in conducting programmes through a variety of formats including live virtual, on-campus / on-site, online asynchronous, and elaborately blended formats that provide learning experiences best suited to your organisation.

co created
What are Co-created programs?

Bhrighu partners with organisations to deliver their learning and competency development solutions through an agile approach. Our team of faculty, business development advisors, and programme advisors design and deliver a tailored curriculum that addresses your business goals through distinctive teaching methodologies and a range of delivery formats.  Bhrigu’s co-created approach for corporate clients is designed to provide a tailored and collaborative learning experience that meets the unique needs of each client.  We understand that each company has its own goals, challenges, and industry-specific requirements.  

With our partnered approach, we work closely with corporate clients to co-create a customized curriculum, blending our expertise in data science education with the organization’s domain knowledge.

Who can create a bespoke curriculum
Data admin and managers responsible for competency development at your firm can create custom tracks.
Is there a limit on the bespoke curriculum that I can create
No. You can create as many combinations as you want. Our tech platform will ensure that each participant receives a personalized learning path depending on where he/she stands in terms of competencies.
Will learners receive a certificate on completion
Yes. They will receive a joint certificate on completion that includes the competencies that they have mastered
Can I track my team's progress
Yes. Bhrighu will provide you reports that can help you see which employees are making progress and how have they fared in mastering the competencies.
Are custom programs data private?
Yes - Data pertaining to your employees is private and can be accessed by your SPOC
co created
What are Certification programs?

Certification programs often offer levels of certification that may be classified as associate or foundational, professional, and expert or master. These levels offer more flexibility and allow you to identify cohorts based on knowledge, skills and competencies expected at the specific stage of a professional’s career.   At Bhrighu we offer two levels of certification viz. Associate & Professional. 

  • Associate certification is best for those just starting out and aligns with entry-level job profiles
  • Professional certification is the next step up and aligns to skill level expected at 5+ years of experience.