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CERTIFICATE IN applied data sciences
Certificate in Applied Data Science
  • With the ever-increasing reliance on data-driven decision-making in various sectors, there is a high demand for professionals skilled in applied data science. Applied data science is at the forefront of innovation.
  • By training individuals in this field, the course empowers them to use data analysis and machine learning to uncover valuable insights, leading to innovative solutions, products, and services. 
  • Applied data science enables individuals to tackle these issues effectively by extracting patterns and trends from vast datasets, aiding in informed decision-making.  Overall, applied data science plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of data-driven endeavours.
What you will learn in this program?
  • Conduct an inferential statistical analysis.  
  • Discern whether a data visualization is good or bad.  
  • Enhance a data analysis with applied machine learning.  
  • Analyse the connectivity of a social network
What skills should you have?
  • This skills-based specialization is intended for learners who have a basic python or programming background, and want to apply statistical, machine learning, information visualization, text analysis, and social network analysis techniques through popular python toolkits such as pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, nltk, and networkx to gain insight into their data.
What is the duration of the program?

30 hours

How will the program be delivered?
  • The program is designed to be offered Online.  
  • 15% of the program will be covered in a live-virtual format and the remaining will have to be done in a Do It Yourself mode.  
What is in it for you?

You will get a certificate of completion along with a personalized report that highlights your competencies in this space.  Personalised weekly online mentoring sessions.  Access to Bhrigu’s talent exchange & annual alumni confluence.


INR 10,000 + GST