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SAS ML Specialist

About SAS Machine Learning Specialist Course

The SAS ML Specialist program offers a comprehensive range of learning experiences tailored to meet diverse user needs, catering from those at entry-level to those seeking advanced techniques on the SAS VIYA platform. This encompassing curriculum covers a multitude of essential topics, including data manipulation, statistical foundations crucial for machine learning, and supervised machine learning models. Through a structured progression, participants embark on a journey to cultivate SAS skills, seamlessly transition to utilizing the capabilities of SAS VYA, and ultimately achieve mastery in applying machine learning concepts for big data analytics. By traversing through this continuum of learning, individuals are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle real-world data challenges with confidence and proficiency.

Objective Of The Certification

Master Machine Learning Techniques : Gain comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in a variety of machine learning algorithms and techniques applicable to diverse data analytics scenarios.

Utilize SAS VIYA Platform: Learn to leverage the powerful capabilities of the SAS VIYA platform for efficient data processing, modeling, and deployment of machine learning models at scale.

Enhance Predictive Analytics Skills : Develop advanced predictive modeling skills to extract insights, forecast trends, and make data-driven decisions using machine learning methodologies.

Optimize Model Performance : Understand techniques for model selection, validation, and optimization to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and scalability of machine learning models in real-world applications.

Explore Big Data Analytics : Acquire expertise in handling large and complex datasets by utilizing distributed computing and parallel processing capabilities available in SAS VIYA for big data analytics.

Apply Machine Learning in Business Contexts : Learn to apply machine learning techniques to solve business problems, drive innovation, and unlock value across various industries and domains.

Prepare for Industry-Recognized Certification : Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue industry-recognized certifications such as the SAS Certified Specialist: Machine Learning Using SAS VIYA, validating your expertise in machine learning with SAS technology.

How our program works

Curriculum designed and developed by SAS.

48 hours of Base SAS Programming.

12 hours of analytics on VIYA.

24 hours of Statistics for Machine Learning.

16 hours of Machine Learning using SAS VIYA.

Training delivered by Industry experts accredited and certified as Faculty by SAS.

Mapped to to SAS Official curriculum globally

Learner has to clear

SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming Using SAS 9.4 EXAM

SAS Certified Specialist: Machine Learning Using SAS VIYA

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Why Join SAS Machine Learning Specialist Course

Trainers who are SAS experts from Industry

Trainers who are SAS experts from Industry

SAS Machine Learning Specialist programs are often taught by seasoned industry experts with extensive experience in data analytics and SAS software. These experts bring practical insights and real-world examples to the classroom, enriching the learning experience and providing valuable mentorship to aspiring professionals. Their guidance ensures that learners acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in data-driven roles.

Detailed & Advanced Curriculum

Detailed & Advanced Curriculum

Explore an in-depth and advanced curriculum designed to equip you with the expertise needed for proficient data manipulation, analysis, and reporting using SAS software.

Enhance your capability to tackle intricate analytical challenges and thrive in roles driven by data insights.

Doubt clearing session from Bhrighu

Doubt clearing session from Bhrighu

Great opportunity for learners attend clearing sessions after the SAS program. These sessions facilitated by Bhrighu offers learners the opportunity to seek clarification on concepts, troubleshoot problems, and reinforce their understanding of SAS programming through interactive discussions and expert guidance.

Build 20+ competencies & skills with this single course

Experience an immersive learning journey that fosters over 20 competencies and skills within a single course.

SAS Machine Learning Specialist training empowers individuals to master advanced techniques in data manipulation, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling using SAS software.

Acquire expertise in crafting efficient machine learning algorithms, interpreting complex datasets, and deriving actionable insights, preparing you for impactful roles in data-driven decision-making across various domains

Work on  Live Projects

Work on Live Projects

Immerse yourself in real-world applications through Live Projects during SAS Machine Learning Specialist training.

Engage in hands-on experiences that mirror industry scenarios, enabling you to apply learned skills to practical challenges.

Gain access to unique databases curated by SAS or partnering organizations, providing exposure to diverse datasets and intricate analytical techniques.

This experiential learning methodology amplifies proficiency, equipping you to confidently tackle industry-specific projects upon completion of the training.

What Topics Will Be Covered During The Training


Instructed lead classes

  • Programming essentials.

    Accessing Data.

    Exploring and Validating Data.

    Preparing Data.

    Controlling DATA Step Processing.

    Summarizing Data.

    Manipulating Data with Functions.

    Creating Custom Formats.

    Combining Tables.

    Processing Repetitive Code.

    Restructuring Tables.

    Introducing the SAS VIYA platform.

    SAS VIYA programming interfaces.

    SAS VIYA servers and processing environments.

    Overview of running SAS code on the SAS Compute Server.

    SAS VIYA Compute Server overview.

    Running SAS 9 Code on the Compute Server in SAS VIYA.

    CAS fundamentals.

    Understanding CASLIBS.

    Loading data to in-memory tables.

    Accessing DBMS data.

    Modifying DATA step code to run in SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS).

    Introduction to SAS procedures in SAS VIYA.

    Running CAS-enabled SAS procedures.

    Modifying SQL code to run in CAS.

    Column data types in CAS.

    Introduction to CASL.

    Using CAS actions.

  • Descriptive statistics.

    Inferential statistics.

    Correlation and simple linear regression.

    Multiple regression and model selection.

    Model diagnostics.

    Categorical associations.

    Logistic regression model.

    Data exploration.

  • Introduction to predictive modelling.

    Overview of machine learning.

    Essentials of supervised prediction.

    Feature extraction.

    Input transformations.

    Feature selection.

    Variable clustering (self-study).

    Best practices.

    Selecting your algorithm.

    Decision Trees and Ensembles of Trees Introduction.

    Tree-structure models.

    Recursive partitioning.


    Ensembles of trees.

    Neural Networks Introduction.

    Network architecture.

    Network learning and optimization.

    Large-margin linear classifier.

    Nonlinear classifier: Kernel Trick.

  • Running SAS 9 Code on the Compute Server in SAS VIYA.

    Modifying DATA step code to run in SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS).

    Modifying SQL code to run in CAS.

    Using CAS actions.

    Relevance of statistics in big data and machine learning.

    Terminology and vocabulary.

    Additional tools.

Tools You'll Master

We understand that tools & technology are pivotal in the online marketing industry. Thus, we ensure you are well-versed with all the latest & relevant tools.

SAS VIYA Platform : Gain expertise in utilizing the SAS VIYA platform for end-to-end machine learning workflows, including data preparation, model development, and deployment.

SAS Studio : Learn to leverage SAS Studio, an interactive programming environment, for writing and executing SAS code, developing machine learning models, and visualizing data.

SAS Enterprise Miner : Master SAS Enterprise Miner, a powerful tool for predictive modeling and data mining, to build and deploy machine learning models using a visual interface.

SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning : Acquire skills in using SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, a comprehensive solution for advanced analytics, to develop predictive models and perform exploratory data analysis.

SAS Model Studio : Develop proficiency in SAS Model Studio, a component of SAS VIYA, for building, comparing, and deploying machine learning models using an intuitive interface.

SAS Data Preparation : Learn techniques and tools for data preparation and feature engineering, including data transformation, cleaning, and manipulation, to optimize data for machine learning tasks.

SAS Visual Analytics : Utilize SAS Visual Analytics to explore and visualize data, uncover insights, and communicate findings effectively through interactive dashboards and reports.

SAS Code Accelerator for Analytics : Enhance productivity and performance by leveraging SAS Code Accelerator for Analytics, a tool that automates the generation of optimized SAS code for common analytical tasks.

SAS Model Manager : Gain skills in using SAS Model Manager to manage the lifecycle of machine learning models, including versioning, deployment, monitoring, and retraining.

SAS Decision Manager : Learn to use SAS Decision Manager for building and deploying decision models, including rules-based and predictive models, to automate decision-making processes.

SAS Machine Learning Specialist Certificate

If you clear the 2 exams you stand to get Certified and receive Digital Badges issued by SAS and have international recognition & value

SAS Programming 1: Essentials.

SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques

Accelerating SAS® Code on the SAS® VIYA® Platform.

Statistics You Need to Know for Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Using SAS® VIYA®.



Validation of your competencies & skills.

Recognition & respect.

Enhanced career opportunities

Salary advancement

Professional development

Networking opportunities

Other Benefits

Training will be delivered using Official SAS software & with SAS proprietary datasets

1 Year access to E-Learning content and SAS official courseware

Exclusive offer that sets Bhrighu apart from the rest.

Two live virtual doubt clearing sessions by our experienced instructors