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40 hours per week during vacation in Japan

Upto 3 Full time Job offers in Japan

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Japan Program

About Work & Learn Program [Japan]

The Work & Learn Program in Japan, in collaboration with some of the top Japanese universities, offers a multifaceted approach encompassing language skills, cultural immersion, and data science expertise.

The India leg immerses participants in essential language acquisition, cultural understanding, and foundational data science concepts. Participants engage in activities focusing on Nihongo language proficiency, cultural nuances, and fundamental data science techniques like data manipulation and statistical modelling.

During the Japan leg time is dedicated to deepening Nihongo language skills, cultural integration, and advanced data science topics such as advanced machine learning algorithms and big data analytics. Through immersive experiences of part-time work and expert guidance, participants develop a holistic skill set, empowering them to build a career for themselves in Japan.

Objective of the Work & Learn Program

International Language Proficiency: Enhance participants' proficiency in the Japanese language (Nihongo) through immersive language learning activities, enabling effective communication in professional and social settings.

Cultural Understanding: Facilitate cultural immersion experiences to deepen participants' understanding of Japanese culture, customs, and societal norms, fostering cross-cultural sensitivity and adaptability.

Foundational Data Science Skills: Provide participants with a solid foundation in fundamental data science concepts, including data manipulation and statistical modeling, to equip them with essential analytical skills applicable in diverse professional contexts.

Advanced Data Science Knowledge: Expand participants' expertise in data science by delving into advanced topics such as advanced machine learning algorithms and big data analytics, enabling them to tackle complex analytical challenges with confidence.

Advance Career Opportunities: Forge pathways to a multitude of career opportunities in Japan by acquiring indispensable language and cultural competencies alongside highly sought-after data science skills.

How our program works

India leg – 6 Months.

Learn Japanese language N5 and part N4.

Learn Data Science Essentials Fundamentals.

Japan leg – 12 Months.

Learn Japanese language N4 and N3 at Japanese University.

Learn Data Science Essentials Advanced.

Clear Assessment Exam for N3 levels.

Full-time employment in Japan.

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Why Join Work & Learn Program [Japan]

Language Trainers from Japan

Language Trainers from Japan

Participants have the invaluable opportunity to receive language training directly from native Japanese instructors. Our language trainers, hailing from diverse backgrounds and possessing extensive teaching experience, offer immersive and authentic language instruction tailored to the specific needs and proficiency levels of each participant. By learning from native speakers, participants not only gain proficiency in the Japanese language but also acquire insights into Japanese culture, customs, and societal norms, enriching their overall learning experience.

Master Japanese Language

Master Japanese Language

This program offers a unique opportunity to master the Japanese language from N5 to N3 levels, equipping you with essential linguistic proficiency to thrive in a Japanese work environment. Our comprehensive curriculum, tailored to the specific requirements of each JLPT level, ensures that you develop a solid foundation in Japanese language skills, from basic greetings and expressions to more complex grammar structures and vocabulary. Through immersive language learning experiences and expert instruction, you'll gain the confidence and competence needed to communicate effectively in everyday situations and navigate professional interactions with ease. Whether you're aiming to pursue higher education, advance your career prospects, or simply immerse yourself in Japanese culture, mastering the Japanese language with us opens doors to a world of possibilities in Japan and beyond.

Work Part-time and immerse yourself in the Japanese Economy

Work Part-time and immerse yourself in the Japanese Economy

The Work and Learn in Japan program provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the thriving Japanese economy through part-time work experiences. Japan's economy, renowned for its innovation and resilience, presents a dynamic landscape ripe with opportunities for professional growth and cultural immersion. Participants have the chance to gain valuable work experience in various sectors, from technology and finance to hospitality and beyond, while simultaneously honing their language skills and deepening their understanding of Japanese culture. While you're seeking to supplement your studies you also get to explore career prospects and immerse yourself in the local community thereby facilitating meaningful connections and invaluable experiences that will enrich your personal and professional journey in Japan.

Detailed & Advanced Curriculum

Japan lives in the future. Japan, a country on the forefront of technological advancement and innovation, faces the pressing need for skilled professionals due to its rapidly declining population. In response, Japan has opened its doors to select countries for immigration, with India being among the privileged few. This means that there are ample job opportunities in a nation known for its futuristic vision for Indians. By joining our program, you not only immerse yourself in a culture rich in tradition and modernity but also position yourself as a sought-after professional in a nation eager for your expertise.

Data Science Training from Industry Experts from Bhrighu

Data Science Training from Industry Experts from Bhrighu

Instructors from Bhrighu come with a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of data science. They bring invaluable insights, real-world experience, and cutting-edge knowledge to the classroom. Through interactive lectures, hands-on workshops, and practical case studies, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of data science principles, techniques, and best practices. Our industry-leading instructors guide participants through the intricacies of the data science landscape, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to tackle complex analytical challenges in any professional setting.

What Topics Will Be Covered During The Training


Instructed lead classes

  • Basic greetings and expressions.

    Hiragana and Katakana characters.

    Basic vocabulary related to daily life (numbers, time, family, etc.).

    Simple sentence structures and basic grammar points.

    Basic reading comprehension of short and simple texts.

    Listening comprehension of simple spoken Japanese in daily life situations.

  • Expanded vocabulary related to daily life, work, and school.

    More complex grammar points and sentence structures

    Expanded reading comprehension of longer texts, including newspapers and magazines.

    Listening comprehension of longer spoken passages and conversations on familiar topics.

    Basic kanji characters and their readings, focusing on common usage.

  • Intermediate-level vocabulary related to a wider range of topics, including social issues and abstract concepts.

    Intermediate grammar points and more complex sentence structures.

    Enhanced reading comprehension of longer and more complex texts, such as essays and short stories.

    Listening comprehension of longer spoken passages, interviews, and news reports.

    Expanded knowledge of kanji characters, focusing on compounds and readings used in everyday contexts.

  • What is Analytics.

    Understanding the basics of Analytics and data Science.

    Why Analytics is important for business.

    How Analytics is helping solve business problem.

    Analytics for decision Making.

  • Understanding the power of Python.

    Scripting Rules.

    Installing Python and setting up environment An Overview of Python Scripting.

    Python Data Types.

    Decision Making.

    Using Python Data Structures.

    Logic Development Packages in Python.

    NumPy (NDARRAY).


    Pandas - Reading Data from External Sources using Pandas.

Tools You'll Master

Mastery of essential tools like Python, R, SQL, Jupyter Notebooks, Tableau, and Git/GitHub empowers data science enthusiasts to extract insights, create impactful visualizations, and collaborate effectively in diverse projects. Some of the tools that one will be able to master on completing the training will be.

Python : Proficiency in Python programming language for data manipulation, analysis, and visualization using libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

R : Competence in R programming language for statistical analysis, data visualization, and machine learning with packages like dplyr, ggplot2, and caret

SQL : Mastery in SQL (Structured Query Language) for querying and managing relational databases to extract, transform, and analyze data efficiently.

Jupyter Notebooks : Skill in using Jupyter Notebooks for interactive data exploration, analysis, and documentation, facilitating reproducible research and collaboration.

Tableau : Proficiency in Tableau for creating interactive and insightful data visualizations, dashboards, and reports to communicate findings effectively to stakeholders.

Git and GitHub : Competence in version control using Git and collaborative development on GitHub, enabling efficient code management and collaboration in data science projects.

Credentials offered for completing Work & Learn Program

If you clear the Assessments and Tests for the Data Science Essentials portion you stand to get Certificate issued by IEEE, USA which has International recognition & PDH credits value

Passing the N3 level of the JLPT examination earns candidates an official certificate issued by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES), the organizations responsible for administering the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).



Recognition & respect.

Enhanced career opportunities.

Salary advancement.

Professional development

Networking opportunities